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We are known as a recruitment specialist but there’s much more to us. We are a strategic talent solutions company with a difference; our people are expert, dedicated and excited about delivering solutions across every stage of the talent lifecycle. Our aim is not only to source the best talent for our clients, but also help them nurture and retain the talent in the long term.

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Talent Search Approach

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We see ourselves as a corporate match making service. And with recruitment at the heart of our business, we are experts at making it happen. Uniquely, we use a blend of recruitment and head-hunting skills and access to our extensive industry network, for every assignment. This ensures we access both active and passive candidates and find the best candidate every time.

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Our Process

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We take care of the complete recruitment process. Writing job descriptions, marketing, sourcing candidates, in-depth pre-screening, shortlisting, interviewing strategies, interview scheduling, online assessments, offers, negotiations, contracts, etc. We get to know our business travel industry clients; their personality and culture. We only ever recommend candidates with the required credentials, saving our clients’ time and adding true value in their recruitment process.

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Our Roots

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Our roots in the business travel industry means we fully understand how the recruitment cycle can consume your time. We understand the industry, technologies, technical and people skill requirements requirement for every role. We also appreciate the frustration of being bombarded with CVs for unsuitable candidates – we have been in your shoes! Our philosophy, therefore, is to provide quality over quantity.

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Market Intelligence

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We can provide market intelligence by benchmarking salaries, benefits and skill requirements across the business travel industry. Our knowledge ensures that remuneration packages are peer benchmarked to ensure attracting and securing the best candidates and avoiding disappointment at offer stage of the recruitment process.

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Talent Retention

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We are as passionate about talent retention as we are recruitment. Induction and onboarding processes are the first impressions a new employee has of its new employer and a positive experience is crucial to employee engagement and retention. We develop strategies with our clients to develop and retain their employees which reduce staff turnover and the associated costs.

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Career Path Support

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The business travel industry is a close-knit community and we are an established part of it. We have known many of the industry leaders for decades, we have evolved with them and followed their career paths. We regard the relations we have with our candidates as long-term collaborations rather than short-term job fixes. Our aim is to provide guidance, mentoring and confidential support as your career develops in the business travel sector.



We are recognised as recruitment experts in the business travel industry, with a strong reputation for our individualised and professional approach. The Sirius team has held senior roles within the business travel sector. That gives us invaluable real-life experience of the qualities and attributes required for each job, and an understanding of which skills are transferable into different sectors. It also means we are extensively networked into the highest levels of the business travel industry, providing unrivalled access to the best potential candidates. We recognise that the best business travel industry talent is often not ‘active’ and not ‘on the market’ and that by utilising our network, we can ensure an extensive and thorough search is achieved on each assignment, approaching candidates that may not be actively looking for a new job.

Our business travel industry roots also give us the specialist knowledge to provide the additional services that we offer. Our team holds professional qualifications from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development), CIM (Chartered Institute of Management), ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management), Association of Business Mentors, BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) and REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation).

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Sirius believes that a strong and consistent approach towards an ethical and diverse workplace is far more than a tick in the box; this is who we are and should permeate everything we do.

We believe doing the right thing should not necessarily require a policy or a statement to support the action but rather it should be our candidate and employer interactions that demonstrate an expected moral philosophy in a global business world where the social media spotlight is never turned off.

Sirius believes that creating positive policies and habits around diversity and ethics is beneficial to our business but more importantly it establishes a code of conduct that is visible and non-negotiable.

Employee wellness is integral to our ethical and diversity beliefs. An awareness of a person’s mental and physical state is a priority in understanding and developing all our personal relationships and to support this we recognise that having the tools and resources to do your job and clear and mutually agreed performance expectations are vital to establishing an environment that brings out the best in everyone. This has to be the emotional and physical baseline for any organisation wishing to get the best from their teams and employees.

Lynne Griffiths – CEO


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