How to motivate your team

Lynne Griffiths

How to motivate your team

How do you motivate your team? In business travel, we understand the power of motivation in driving growth and transforming lacklustre teams into high-performing ones. But how do we inspire and create motivation in our teams? Simply telling someone to be motivated isn’t enough, we need to make them feel it.

Consider a motivational strategy that takes into account everything from ambition to employee wellbeing. Employee motivation is more than just smiling faces – it’s the fuel that drives individual and company success. Recent studies have shown that committed and motivated employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to quit or look for new roles.

However, even the best-laid plans can backfire. Here are a few common failures and issues to watch out for when trying to boost motivation in your business travel workplace:

Ignoring the signs of stress

It’s important to want the best for your organisation and team, but sometimes we need to step outside of our own goals and consider the challenges individuals face. When worried about a lack of motivation, it may be time to check whether we’re placing too much expectation on our team. The business travel industry is continually under pressure, so protecting employees against burnout will help them thrive and can do wonders for overall motivation.

Remember, motivating your team is a critical component of success. By implementing a strategy that considers employee wellbeing, you can help your team reach their full potential and drive company growth.

The MIA or micro manager

As a business travel leader, it’s important to follow through with initiatives to gain the trust of your team. Putting structures in place to support your strategy, like software or regular check-ins, can help build this trust. However, finding the right balance of management can be tricky. Being MIA or micro managing can both be huge drains on motivation. Encouraging self-management and giving employees the freedom to grow their skillset is key.


To motivate your team, introduce a culture of appreciation. Showing your employees that they are valued can go a long way in boosting motivation. This can be done through casual comments, emails, or sharing feedback during meetings. Get creative with rewards to keep things fresh in the creative business travel industry. Remember, motivation is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep at it and watch motivation levels rise!

Offering meaningful rewards and showing flexibility are key to building a motivated and loyal team. While appreciation is a bigger motivator than physical rewards for most employees, the occasional treat can go a long way. Just make sure that the rewards meet your team’s needs – don’t try to motivate teetotallers with bottles of wine!


Flexibility has become increasingly important in a world where working from home is commonplace. Introducing some flexibility into your workplace can have a significant impact on motivation. Employees who feel their wellbeing is being taken care of are far more likely to be loyal to, and invested in, their company.

Investing energy into developing a high-performing culture not only helps you realize organisational goals, but it also helps individuals grow too. And when it comes to being a business travel industry  employer of choice, remember that candidates can sense if existing employees are motivated, happy, and appreciated. Motivation is hugely desirable, so be the best workplace you can be!