Lynne Griffiths

As specialist business travel recruitment agency, we’ve learnt a lot over the years about what makes a successful – and not successful – interview experience. Interview tips are not new – we’re going back to basics here – but there is always the opportunity to learn.

  1. Before the interview, research the hiring company online. Discover the “language” of the company: what are their values, their goals, their recent achievements? Doing your homework will make you feel prepared, confident and able to ask questions and perhaps talk about how your own values are in synergy with those of the company.
  2. If you know who will be interviewing you, take five minutes to look them up on LinkedIn or on the company website. Knowing what they look like and a bit about their own professional background can help with not going into the call “cold” but having a sense of knowing something about who you’re talking to – and what they look like.
  3. Re-read the Job Description (a few times!) and prepare examples (what happened, what was needed, what you did, what was the outcome) of when you’ve shown/used the specific skills and experience listed as required. This will cover both competence based questions and general discussion around your suitability. By preparing this ahead of the interview, you will be able to highlight the value you can bring to the organisation.
  4. During the interview, talk about yourself! Use “I” not “we” otherwise it can come across that you haven’t achieved these things, your team has! So, don’t be shy, focus on yourself and talk about your individual achievements!
  5. Prepare, prepare, prepare with video calls! We’ve all become very video call savvy over the past couple of years but don’t be complacent. Check and re-check your tech before that important call, including appropriate background and lighting. Have a “dummy” call with a friend, who can feedback on how you look on screen – and have a dress rehearsal to make sure you look the part too! You need to make as much effort with a video interview as you do with a face to face meeting.
  6. Questions – always have pertinent questions prepared and not about salary and holidays! Ask about company culture, what is the interviewer’s favourite thing about the company, are there career progression opportunities etc? Show that you’re genuinely interested in both the company and the role, with a view to staying there.
  7. Preparing yourself mentally is key to a successful interview. Take some time before the interview to review your examples, questions, and strengths. And remember – be yourself. It’s exhausting being someone you’re not – and it’s not sustainable!
  8. Bring your enthusiasm to the table! Sit up straight, smile, eye contact, attentive listening and affirmative nods – show your genuine interest and positive attitude.

A few “Do Not” top tips (based on actual interview feedback!):

  • Do not say how much you would like a different job to the one for which you’re being interviewed.
  • Do not excuse yourself from a video interview to answer the door for your Amazon delivery.
  • Do not be intoxicated during the interview.
  • Do not leave your underwear on the clothes horse behind you – in fact, move the clothes horse!