Recover, Review, Recruit!

Lynne Griffiths

There are signs of life in the business travel industry – work is getting busier, borders are opening, events are taking place and staff are returning to the workplace.

But we, as recruiters, can recognise a candidate shortage when we see one. And the reality is that skilled, experienced business travel professionals are in demand. In such uncertain times as we’ve just experienced (and are still seeing), uncertainty and lack of confidence means that those in work are minded to stay where they are – particularly the case in travel which was arguably the worst hit industry across the board – and still is.

People have taken the opportunity to reflect during the Pandemic and may have taken the opportunity to move to a new (more “reliable”) industry or set up on their own. So as well as searching for those experienced superstars, we must focus on attracting new blood into our industry – to find our new rising stars. So, a strong learning & development program is vital moving forward. In addition, as part of business recovery, companies are reviewing their current commercial practices and also their workforce. This is resulting in staffing structures and roles being realigned to new business needs. Hybrid roles are being created and new skills and range of experience are needed.

So, we advise you to put together a recruitment and retention strategy asap to ensure you are planning in advance and have a brand that is attractive to the best industry talent (both in situ and incoming) and newcomers.

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