Retaining Your Talent

Lynne Griffiths

We talked about a shortage of talent in our industry post Covid, so what do you do to keep the great talent you already have and the new talent you successfully attract? How do you achieve an “A” in staff retention?

The goal is to find someone who is passionate about what your company does and has an eye on growing his or her role within your organisation. Employees today look at the workplace as more than just about the money. They want an environment that encourages and motivates them and they want to do meaningful work and take pride in doing their work well.

This all starts with company culture. So, create an environment that your ideal candidate wants to be a part of – long term! Having a strong mentoring program is a key strategy, and one that works in both directions of the hierarchy. That way, expectations can be understood, shaped and actioned – again, in both directions.

In some areas of business travel, it is becoming clear that compensation levels are not competitive, particularly with emerging industries – industries that have done well throughout the pandemic. We must address this and ensure that not only are our salaries truly attractive and competitive, but also that benefits are available and not just in monetary terms. Offering wellbeing driven benefits is recognised as an essential part of compensation satisfaction.

If you reward your employees well and establish (and keep re-establishing) their loyalty, the higher costs will usually pay for themselves in less staff turnover.

We have seen a distinct increase in hybrid working and if you are insisting on employees being in the office, whether full time or part time, make sure that the environment is a positive one and that it is a productive workspace intelligently designed to help your people do their best work. You can promote creativity, collaboration and focussed working with an intelligent office design.

So, once the courtship is over and you’ve successfully enticed your new member of staff into the Company, don’t undo all of that hard work by leaving your talent feeling ignored and undervalued. Give them genuine attention, understand their drivers, nurture a positive working culture and environment ….. and they won’t be going anywhere!

Travel is a people business and we are a people business. We can help you recruit, develop and retain your talent. We can provide outsourced HR support whatever the need. We can benchmark your remuneration terms, conduct training needs analysis, develop training strategies and set up and manage mentoring programmes.

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