Are you “The One”?

Lynne Griffiths

Are you “The One”?

Here at Sirius Talent Solutions, we like to think of ourselves as a corporate matchmaking service. We get to know our clients, we get to know our candidates. We are looking not just for a match in terms of job spec and CV, but also company culture and candidate personality. We know that for you – you want to find your work soulmate!

So, if the recruitment process is a courtship, both sides need to invest in the relationship, have an open mind and frankly – make themselves attractive to the other.

Sometimes it can feel like the hiring company is saying “I’m at an advantage here, show me what you’ve got – it’s all about what I want”. In actual fact, as our business travel industry recovers and as our previous blogs have covered, we are facing a reduced talent pool due to non-returning staff. So it’s as much up to the hiring company to impress as it is the candidates.

Think about it – making the hiring process difficult, long and laborious is not attractive so hiring managers, think:

  • Speedy response times
  • Keep interview stages to a minimum, for example if a candidate is coming into the office for a face to face stage, use that opportunity to have them meet potential colleagues and other key people – don’t make that a separate stage.
  • Be open to transferable skills – aim for a skills and personality match rather than a “written in blood” list of experience requirements.
  • Be generous in remuneration, not just salary but also performance rewards and wellbeing benefits.
  • Be as flexible as possible with home working and working hours and re-look at the working environment and available staff support – are they relevant to today’s needs?

Recruitment is a 2-way process, it’s a courtship – so if you want to land your perfect “partner”, whether as the hiring company or the candidate….be ready to entice, charm and show them that you want a happy, mutually beneficial and long term relationship.